Terms & Conditions

3-Year Limited Parts & Labour Warranty

What’s Covered?

This warranty is limited to a manufacturer’s defect for 3 years, for parts supplied by Stanson Electric Inc.

Manufacturer’s defective parts will be replaced FREE of charge, including labour, during the effective term of this warranty.

The warranty commences from the date of the invoice.

What’s Not Covered?

Customer abuse, fire, acts of god, electrical surge, lightning strike, all acts of nature, war, riot, or any and all other explanations of failure of Stanson Electric Inc.-supplied equipment other than a manufacturer’s defect.

The above warranty is null and void if the invoice is not paid in full.

Additional Terms & Conditions

  1. The person signing this contract warrants they have the authority to authorize the work.
  2. Unless otherwise agreed upon, and specified in writing, payment in full is due upon receipt.
  3. If customer has been billed, accounts are due 28 days from the date on the invoice.
  4. Materials remain the property of Stanson Electric Inc. until full payment is received.
  5. Overdue accounts are charged 2% every 28 days, compounded. Annual rate 24%
  6. If it becomes necessary to employ legal or other services to obtain payment of any past due account, the customer agrees to pay all costs for collection of said amount, including, but not limited to, legal fees, and court costs incurred.
These terms were last updated April 23, 2024.